Sunday, February 5, 2023

Man shares his experience in a Prison Theme Hotel Room in Johor

Social NewsMan shares his experience in a Prison Theme Hotel Room in Johor

Why is it that people love to stay in hotels so much? It’s for the experience, of course! However, not everyone has a good time; some people experience ghosts, while others find rodents in their hotel room. Some people, however, are able to have the best experiences inadvertently, like these two men who stayed in a unique motel with an imaginative proprietor.

In a recent TikTok video, @amirulfirdaus96 revealed his experience staying in a Johor hotel room with a jail motif. The video had attracted the netizen’s interest and has since received over a million views on his account. Look at this:

Two men were checking in to the Impi Yan Hotel in the 30-second clip. When the men entered the chamber, they were shocked to see that it was adorned in the manner of a prison, with iron bars and barbed wires greeting them at the door.

In the footage, the males can be seen giggling at the unanticipated surprise. One of the guests had even put on the orange jail garb provided by the hotel and stood behind the bars. Despite this, the room had everything it needed, including a bunk bed, a television, and air conditioning.

It is wonderful to see hotel owners that are dedicated to providing their visitors with an exceptional and unforgettable experience. Do you want to give it a try and spend the day in prison?

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