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Ismail Sabri claims that Keluarga Malaysia helped reduce racial and religious polemics, M’sians disagree

Social NewsIsmail Sabri claims that Keluarga Malaysia helped reduce racial and religious polemics,...

It has been a year since the introduction of the Keluarga Malaysia concept, and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob now claims that it has helped reduce religious and racial polemics in the country.

Speaking at the Keluarga Malaysia Dinner programme on Saturday (8 October), the prime minister said with this positive development, the government could focus on recovering and developing the country’s economy post-Covid-19, while the people can focus on improving their lifestyles.

“To ensure political stability, I introduced the slogan Keluarga Malaysia, we live together, and no one is marginalised in terms of progress, whether economic or otherwise. Through Keluarga Malaysia, we have heard less about religious and racial polemics.”

“As a result of the political stability, Malaysia’s economy grew from time to time,” he said.

Source: The Star

Ismail Sabri then said that when he first took over the administration, the political stability had affected the country’s economy, and thus, this would be he priority to resolve.

“Just imagine, never has it occurred in history that in one term of Parliament there are three Prime Ministers… that is why efforts to resolve the political instability were crucial.”

“I met the Opposition leadership to jointly agree and sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the sake of political stability and the effect is that the ‘heat’ in Parliament has reduced and there are no daily fights like before,” he said.

Ismail said that apart from the political mess, he also resolved the Covid-19 issue in the country which is ‘raging’ at that point in time.

“This meant that we would be facing a very big problem, so that is why the first task was to make sure that Covid-19 could be overcome, Alhamdulillah after a few months, Covid-19 cases were reduced and the economic sector and national borders were reopened,” he said.

Malaysians are together until politicians came

Meanwhile, netizens appeared not convinced by the Prime Minister’s claim and asked if proper study was conducted for this matter.

“How do u measure it? Like seriously,” a netizen said.

“Coming from Mr Malay supremacist,” another netizen said.

One netizen also pointed out that Malaysians used to be far closer to each other until the politicians begin their venomous rhetoric.

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