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Business cards will soon be a thing of the past

Social NewsBusiness cards will soon be a thing of the past

A business card is one of the essentials when we are out looking for potential customers. The business card will include your contact details so that the potential customer can reach out to you when in time of need.

However, business cards are soon becoming a thing of the past as the smartphone has made saving one’s contact much easier compared to the earlier days.

In an interview with The Star, Hot Print Design and Advertising Sdn Bhd founder and director Jeanson Ta shared that the emergence of social media and messaging apps on digital platforms contributed to the decline in demand for business cards.

“In the last 20 years, there has been a drop of about 300% in orders. Customers who used to request about 1,000 cards annually would now order about 300 pieces to last them the whole year,” he said, adding that the decline started when people started exchanging contacts via smartphones.

Apart from that, he also shared that some people would even take pictures of their business cards and send them over as digital name cards.

“Most consumers also find it more convenient to save contacts directly into their mobile phones than to store a business card,” he added.

Still relevant, but a symbol of status now

Despite its decline, Tan said that he noted some businessmen still appreciates business card and give out them out as gesture of sincerity and to showcase their trade.

Tan also said that the printing technology now allows them to apply coating and embossing to business cards, which is also seen as a status symbol.

“Some customers are willing to pay more to have premium materials and designs, considering that they do not cost much more than the ordinary ones.”

“They believe that business cards give a good first impression on their business, and are important and worth investing in,” he said.

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