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PLUS advises M’sians to plan ahead to avoid traffic congestion, netizens slammed the operator for giving same old advice

Social NewsPLUS advises M'sians to plan ahead to avoid traffic congestion, netizens slammed...

The Prophet’s Birthday public holiday falls on Sunday (9 October) and this means that a replacement will be given on Monday (10 October). Thus, it will be a a long weekend for most Malaysians.

Ahead of the long weekends, PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) had advised motorists to be mindful of the traffic congestion and plan their journey ahead. It also expected that 1.9 million vehicles would fill the highway from Friday to Monday.

According to Bernama, PLUS Head of Operations Excellence, Mohd Yusuf Abdul Aziz said that PLUS has recorded daily traffic volumes of an average of 1.7 million vehicles since the country moves to the endemic phase and the trend had shown spikes of 1.9 million vehicles before each weekend.

“We expect with more travellers taking advantage of the three day weekend, traffic will be higher and a longer journey can be expected.”

“Therefore, we advise highway customers to be prepared and ensure their vehicles are fit for a longer drive this weekend,” he said.

Any other solutions?

The announcement by PLUS did not go well with netizens who took it online to criticise the highway operator for only issuing a statement to remind motorists instead of doing anything to resolve the long pending issue of traffic congestion during long weekends.

“Plan ahead of time. What kind of statement is that? Of course everyone would be planning to go home because it’s a long holiday,” a netizen said.

“Plan earlier is a generic statement. People already know it’s a long weekend and they are going back,” another netizen said.

On the other hand, many netizens blamed the country’s poor public transport system that lead to this terrible congestion.

“If only we got.. oh I don’t know.. a well-working public transportation to share the burden. Better yet, a well-functioning, go-getter, for the people, not blaming other, asking people to plan, no excuse giver, young government,” one netizen said.

“Malaysians spent so much time stuck in the traffic congestion, if only there are reliable rail services which will provide alternatives to citizens it would be beneficial, spending more time with loved ones.” another netizen said.

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