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Not a voter yet? Here are the steps to register as one

NewsNot a voter yet? Here are the steps to register as one

There has never been a better moment to register to vote than now, with news of the GE15 growing more and more intense.

What if, though, you are one of the hundreds of Malaysians who wish to exercise their right to vote but are unsure of how?

Given that the GE15 is expected to occur this year or the following year, here are some things you should know before registering to vote.

Basic requirements

These are the principal prerequisites you must meet before beginning the registration process:

  • A Malaysian citizen
  • At least 21 years old
  • Currently living in the area you’re registering to vote for
  • Never barred/disqualified by any laws in force

You can go to the following stage once you’ve ticked off every item on the list.

Registering as a voter

Make sure you have IC on you before proceeding to SPR-approved counters to ensure that the registration procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

Here’s a list of SPR-approved counters:

  • Post offices
  • SPR headquarters
  • State election offices
  • Malaysian embassies, Malaysian High Commission and General consulates (for Malaysians living overseas)
  • Penolong Pendaftar Pemilih (voter registration helpers)

Give a staff member at the counter your IC, and they will fill out a registration form, also known as a Borang A, on your behalf. Before signing the form, check the information three times. A duplicate of the registration form should be kept by you as proof.

Checking your registration information

Once you’ve signed up, you may access the MySPFSemak page and verify your voting information by entering your IC (without any dashes or spaces) and the captcha.

As SPF only updates its database four times a year, it is best to make any changes to your voting information as soon as possible before election day (March, June, September, December).

If there’s an error in your address:

  • Change the address in your IC with JPN, then bring the receipt of that change to any SPR counter to request an address change.

To change your name, race or religion:

  • Visit any State Election Office with your IC and other supporting documentation.

How about voters below 21?

Malaysians 18 and older are now automatically registered to vote thanks to the UNDI 18 initiative and the recently installed automated voter registration system.

Even while voting is not mandated by law, it is still the finest way to express yourself because every ballot has the potential to uphold or overthrow current governments, as was seen during the historic 2013 elections.

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