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“Nobody is looking for Jho Low” BDW authors revealed that Jho Low is not on the run and authorities don’t want him back

Social News"Nobody is looking for Jho Low" BDW authors revealed that Jho Low...

Malaysian businessman and international fugitive Jho Low is on the wanted list for several years now, and Malaysians are still trying to locate and bring him back to the country.

However, Project Brazen co-founders Tom Wright and Bradley Hope recently took to their YouTube channel to reveal that nobody is actually looking for him despite all those discussion.

It appears that Jho Low is not on the run in China as he made a deal with the authorities of the country that allows him to live as a free man there.

Source: YouTube

“So, I was asking this person, who is very connected in the Chinese communist party and also in other kinds of high up levels of Southeast Asia, and they said to me ‘look, it’s a very clear deal’.”

“Jho Low has a deal with China, the government, that he can have completely free movements, nobody’s going to mess with him, and no foreign country can interfere with Jho Low while he’s in China,” he said.

Bradley also claimed that Jho Low was given a new passport and identity if he needs to use it. “He has complete, you know, visa-free living in China,” he said, adding that this deal has made him a protected person in China.

Source: The Star

Apart from that, Bradley also revealed that no on in Malaysia is actually looking for Jho Low.

“The most interesting thing though that he (the source) said to me was that nobody in Malaysia, not the police, the Attorney-General’s office, the foreign corruption unit, nobody is asking China for Jho Low.”

“So, despite what you hear publicly about ‘oh, we are looking for him, please let us know if you find any tips’, this person said nobody in Malaysia is seeking Jho Low, and their explanation was that, essentially, there’s too many people, powerful people in Malaysia, connected to Jho Low that haven’t yet really been fully explored.”

“The money they received, the relationship they have. The way in which that money just filtered through the whole system in a variety of ways,” Bradley explained.

Bradley then said that their sources claimed that the corruption between Jho Low and local officials may run deeper than we think.

“As a result, nobody in Malaysia actually wants Jho Low back, it’s too explosive.”

Watch the episode 5 of the ‘Where is Jho Low’ series here:

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