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Titus Low and MsPuiyi’s “Intimate” video got a little bit into trouble with his wife Cheryl Chin

Social NewsTitus Low and MsPuiyi's "Intimate" video got a little bit into trouble...

Sometimes things don’t turn out exactly as you expected them to, if not exactly. After sharing an intimate video he just made with Malaysia’s very own MsPuiyi, Singaporean online star Titus Low recently ran into some issues with his wife Cheryl Chin. To his wife’s dismay, the content developer for OnlyFans was seen in the since-deleted video massaging Puiyi’s jaw while she leaned on his chest.

The 21-year-old Malaysian influencer disapproved of the footage by saying, “I guess this is content but there [are] boundaries no?,” despite being aware of the pair’s plans prior to filming. Shortly after the video was uploaded, Cheryl released her heartbroken response on TikTok, which has now also been removed. The Malaysian content creator addressed the matter a day after the occurrence.

Yesterday (October 5th), Cheryl said in a TikTok video that she had resolved her differences with her husband and Puiyi. The expectant mother claims that there was a breakdown in communication between the three on the significance of the erased video. She admitted that although she was aware of the video’s context and the shoot, things did not go as planned. She now regrets having posted her unfavourable reaction online.

She added in her video, “I feel I [should’ve] responded that way in private and that I should not [have] aired my dirty laundry online.” The model pleaded with her fans to move past the situation and stop berating her spouse or Puiyi for the video. In order to make it clear that he has discussed the situation with both his wife and the Penthouse cover model, Titus Low also shared his side of the story on TikTok. I want to start by apologising to my wife and to all of you. You can be confident that this won’t occur again, added the 22-year-old.

Ms. Puiyi herself made a post on TikTok to address some of the recent controversy’s confusion. The online celebrity shared screenshots of their WhatsApp discussions and stated that she had contacted Titus and Cheryl about the situation. The 24-year-old singer informed her followers that she and Titus won’t be working together soon until the situation is settled and wished the married couple the best of luck.


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The three of them coming to an agreement and settling their differences. In other developments, Titus Low and Cheryl Chin recently announced their good news of becoming parents for the first time.

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