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Neighbourhood in Terengganu goes viral for having a rubbish-dumping drive-thru

Social NewsNeighbourhood in Terengganu goes viral for having a rubbish-dumping drive-thru

Rampant littering has long been a problem in Malaysia and some places could see heaps of trash dumped on the streets, without anybody bothered to clean the place up.

Such a street can be found in a neighbourhood in Terengganu.

Recently, Bernama took to its Facebook page to share a series of pictures taken from a residential area in Mengabang Lekor, Kuala Terengganu, showcasing what looks like a rubbish street drive-thru in the residential area.

“A resident was seen throwing rubbish outside the bin while we are carrying out a survey at the residential area on 3 October.”

“The resident explained that the lack of rubbish bins was why waste in the area are scattered until it filled the road area. The neighbourhood has more than 100 residents,” it reported.

Meanwhile, the residents also blamed the contractors for only collecting the garbage that is inside a bin provided.

Source: Facebook

“Residents are also worried about their safety due to animals such as wild boars and lizards roaming around the garbage area in search of food.”

“Therefore, they hoped that the authorities will be able to take immediate action to ensure that the area is clean, by building a better rubbish management area for the comfort and safety of the residents,” they added.

Meanwhile, netizens pointed out that the matter could be resolved if the city council worked together with the residents.

Source: Facebook

Some blamed it on the contractors who are not doing their work properly and refuse to pick up the excess rubbish that was left on the road.

Nonetheless, netizens pointed out that such a scene does not only appear in the Mengabang Lekor but all over the country.

We hope the authorities and the people would work together to clean the place up and raise awareness about the importance of keeping our environment clean.

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