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Govt to organise 3D2N honeymoon trip for couples to reduce divorce

NewsGovt to organise 3D2N honeymoon trip for couples to reduce divorce

While the country’s birth rate continues to decline, President of National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) Datuk Suhaimi Ghazali said the government will be organising a ‘honeymoon’ programme for married couples.

In a press conference, Suhaimi said this programme aims to encourage couples to spend time together and keep the spark in their relationship alive.

He also explained that divorces had been more common these days and it has negatively impacted the birth rate of the country.

“Many married couples have not had a candlelight dinner with each other despite being married for 10 years. Our honeymoon plan would not only include candlelight dinners, but also activities like dancing and trying new things together,” he said.

“We hope that through these activities, they’ll be able to reignite the sparks in their marriage.”

The honeymoon programme is said to be held on 14 to 16 October and is open to 30 Malaysian married couples.

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Meanwhile, Suhaimi said the statistics showed that the birth rate in Malaysia has dropped significantly from 4 to 1.7 kids per family.

“Supposedly, women’s reproductive age is between 15 to 49 years, and the optimal birth rate should be 2.1. With this, if the parents pass away, there are enough people to replace the country’s population,” he explained.

“It will be a big issue for the country if the birth rate is fast declining.”

“If you choose to have only one child, make sure the child is of good quality and can contribute to the country,” he added.

He said although the Health Ministry recorded a high number of newborns from September to November and that hospitals are struggling to accommodate, the latest statistics have shown that an average family would have less than 2 kids.

He also mentioned that married couples would face the most challenges in their first 5 years of marriage. As for couples who have been married for 20 years, they would still learn a lot more from having kids.

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