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Food delivery rider advises youth to further their education instead of joining the rider crew

Social NewsFood delivery rider advises youth to further their education instead of joining...

Food delivery riders first came out as an option for those who are looking for extra income during their free time. However, it soon became a full-time job as the pay is much better than most full-time jobs in the market offer.

However, as the government announced that the Covid-19 restrictions would be lifted and people could now return to work, the demand for food orders through apps has dropped tremendously.

This has then affected the existing food delivery riders as competition for orders stiffened and thus, reducing their income.

Recently, a TikTok user, who also works food delivery rider, took it online to advise young people to think twice before joining the industry. He said this after noting that more and more young people are looking to join the industry.

He explained that while the job only requires you to have a motorcycle and a license, and is easy considering you need to deliver orders, there are many untold truths behind this job.

The user said being a food delivery rider is, in fact, very tiring and they had to work about 13 to 15 hours a day to achieve their targets.

Not to mention that the orders are decreasing these days as people can choose to eat out.

Thus, he advised the young generation to think hard and find a permanent job to secure a better future.

Meanwhile, the TikTok video has gone viral with many netizens agreeing with the facts the user pointed out. Some said that the number of delivery riders has increased exponentially, making it difficult for other riders to grab an order.

“There’s a lot of factors involved, for example, having too many riders and lesser customers who order online,” a netizen explained.

Nonetheless, netizens said youngsters should not stop their education at only SPM level, and instead should further their education as much as possible.

Do you agree with what this user has shared? Share your thoughts!

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