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Watch: India built a KLCC Tower replica to celebrate Durga Puja

Social NewsWatch: India built a KLCC Tower replica to celebrate Durga Puja

The Petronas Twin Towers, more well known as KLCC Twin Towers is one of the most famous landmarks in Malaysia. The 88-storey supertall skyscrapers were officially classified as the tallest buildings in the world until it was surpassed by many other skyscrapers such as Burj Khalifa, the Shanghai Tower, and now our very own Merdeka 118.

While the twin towers remain an icon among the Asian community, the people of India have recreated the skyscrapers as a marquee for a religious celebration!

According to India Today, the KLCC Twin Towers appeared in the city of Kalyani, West of Bengal India.

Source: India Today

It is understood that the twin towers replica is built in conjunction with a religious Hindu Festival called “Durga Puja”.

“Durga Puja” is the celebration of worship of the Hindu goddess, Durga, and for this year, the organisers have selected the KLCC Twin Towers as a “pandal (religious marquee)” for the celebration.

Source: India Today

The KLCC replica have 88 floors, or layers and instead of being 452 metres tall, it has only around 45 metres, about 10 times smaller than the one in Kuala Lumpur.

Nonetheless, it is equipped with rainbow colour lighting that could light up the sky, just as our KLCC twin towers do.

The replica was built using simple materials such as glass, wood and plywood and it took around 70 people months to complete. The “pandal” also has a beautiful statue of the goddess Durga placed in the centre of the tower for the visitors to worship.

According to sources, the replica was built by the Luminous Club of Kalyani, India after being inspired by Burj Khalifa replica built by the Sreebhumi Sporting Club last Durga Puja.

Interested to see how it looks like from the inside? Watch this video here:

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