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“The stereotype is strong here” Video of car catches fire, but netizens thought group was about to commit a crime

Social News"The stereotype is strong here" Video of car catches fire, but netizens...

As much as we push for unity among Malaysians, stereotypes among the different races and ethnics is one of the main reason why the community is still fragmented.

Recently, a video showing a car catching fire at a petrol station had gone viral online, not of the fire but viewers expecting the group of brown people who happened to pass by the scene to do something bad.

In the viral video, it can be seen that the group of brown people arrived at the scene and had their vehicle stopped in the petrol station. They then get down from the car and continue minding their own business.

While many netizens are expecting the group to commit a crime, the Nissan Serena that was fueling its tank up at the petrol station caught fire out of a sudden.

Yes! The video is actually about a car catching on fire instead of a robbery!

After the car catch fire, the vehicle that was carrying the brown people was seen leaving in a hurry, while the others did not return.

Source: Facebook

In the comment section, many netizens apologise for stereotyping the group.

“I thought this was a robbery case or a kidnapping case. It turns out, a car caught on fire,” a netizen said.

“Be honest, everyone must have thought those guys were about to do something bad kan? I did the same.. SORRY BROTHER,” another netizen said.

Source: Facebook

On the other hand, one netizen even shared that he was disappointed when the group did not commit a crime.

“From the beginning I was watching the maroon car. I thought they were going to commit a robbery or another car was going to hit them. Suddenly, fire came out of the silver car. What a disappointment,” the netizen said.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the fire was extinguished with the help from the general public and that nobody was hurt in the incident.

Nonetheless, we hope that everybody would let go of such stereotypes as they could be harmful to our society.

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