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“Non-halal lift” sparks a huge debate online, local hotel says it’s a JAKIM requirement

Social News"Non-halal lift" sparks a huge debate online, local hotel says it's a...

Malaysia is a multiracial and multiethnic country, with Malay Muslims being the majority. Thus, the official religion is Islam.

While the religion introduces the concept of ‘halal’ (permissible) or non-halal (not permissible), many have also questioned the authorities’ policy if going to such an extent is reasonable.

Recently, lawyer and social activist, Siti Kasim took to her Twitter to share a picture of a lift in a Kuala Lumpur hotel that has the label “non-halal lift”. “Can you explain the rationale behind this?” she said, while tagging the hotel’s official Twitter account.

It is understood that the the “non-halal lift” is used to carry non-halal goods and perishable items, a netizen said.

Meanwhile, The Star reported that this is part of the requirement set by the authorities to obtain halal certification for the hotel’s back-of-house operations, such as the service lift.

It also stated that they have reworded the sign for better understanding by its patrons and guests.

Nonetheless, a similar incident took place at another hotel in Petaling Jaya in 2013, where a signboard beside 3 lifts stated “this elevator is only for transporting halal goods only. For non-halal goods please use the staircase”.

The hotel, not wanting to vacate their long-time Chinese restaurant tenant adhered to the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) ruling regarding the transportation of non-halal food as part of their licensing requirement for other outlets in the hotel.

Mixed reaction from Malaysians

Since the tweet went viral, there had been a mixed reaction from netizens, with some supporting the hotel for its compliance with JAKIM rules, while others think that the move was unnecessary.

“International chain but Taliban mindset management. What’s next? Female only lift?” a netizen said.

“JAKIM can change the regulations as it wishes making things always more difficult for businesses. Muslims are not supposed to EAT pork. When did air touched by pork become haram?” another netizen said.

On the other hand, some explained that the “non-halal lift” is for carrying non-halal goods and it is to prevent the possibility of the staff mixing halal and non-halal goods while carrying the goods around.

“So the halal and non-halal stuff don’t get mixed up. This means the hotel is taking good care of their customer and the quality of the food as well,” a netizen said.

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