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Mother and family renounces ties with son after he borrowed RM85,700 from loan sharks and vanish

NewsMother and family renounces ties with son after he borrowed RM85,700 from...

There’s a saying that parents’ love knows no limit. However, people sometimes will choose to give up on their children, especially when they reach the end of their rope.

Recently, a mother and her family decided to sever ties with her son after he brought home trouble more than they can handle. Apparently, the son had borrowed RM85,400 from at least 10 different loan shark groups before vanishing.

As a result, the family has been receiving continuous harassment by the multiple loan sharks, which left them tired and disappointed.

Source: Sin Chew

In a press conference, the 67-year-old mother said that her 37-year-old son seldom communicated with the family despite staying under the same roof.

A month ago, the son had asked for money from the family to pay off his debt amounting to RM70,000. After his elder brother forked out the cash for his debt, he warned the loan sharks against lending money to the younger brother, saying that he did not have the means to repay him.

Unfortunately, the younger son continued his habit of borrowing money from loan sharks and this time, he did it without his family’s knowledge. Even worse, the son vanished and did not return home for several days.

The mother later discovered that he had taken a loan from loan sharks for his new car, where the debt amounts to RM85,400.

Source: Sin Chew

Soon, the family started receiving calls and messages from unfamiliar numbers and the loan sharks eventually came to their doorstep. It was then the family was told about the entire story.

It is understood that the loan sharks initially showed up to demand her son and did not take any action against the family. However, after the mother made a police report and posted it on the front door, they started harassing the family.

The loan sharks are said to have taken photos of the mother, his elder brother and his employees to be used to spread claims that they had taken a loan from them but defaulted the repayment.

Source: Sin Chew

Meanwhile, the mother also shared that the loan sharks had threatened his elder brother to sell his children to pay off the debt.

Following the incident, the family publicly renounce their ties with the younger son. The mother also warned the loan sharks to stop harassing them and publicly stated that they should collect the debt from her younger son instead.

Nonetheless, the mother said her younger son does not have a habit of gambling nor he was addicted to drugs.

Here’s some advise to avoid loan sharks as these illegal money lenders are known for their horrifying methods when it comes to collecting debt.

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