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Gender reveal party gone wrong, Brazilian couple gets investigated for dying river in blue

Social NewsGender reveal party gone wrong, Brazilian couple gets investigated for dying river...

A gender reveal party held recently in Brazil is currently under investigation by the authorities for possible environmental damage.

In a viral video on Twitter, the guests can be seen standing behind the usual assortment of pink and blue balloons, cheering on the couple as the waterfall turns blue, commemorating that it was a boy.

In addition, stray blue smoke bombs were placed around the couple, just in case they did not get the point across.

According to The Independent, the incident took place last Sunday (25 September) in Mato Grosso in central Brazil.

Meanwhile, the incident had alerted the Environment of Mato Grosso (SEMA) and the department said an investigation will be conducted to determine what products were used to dye the waterfall and if there is any environmental damage. 

The Brazilian environment ministry also identified the affected river as Queima Pe river, which is said to be a popular tourist destination and a primary water source for the nearby central-west town of Tangara da Serra.

“Why dye the waterfall?”

On social media, netizens were quick to condemn the couple for polluting the river just for the sake of their own purpose.

“Seriously, they thought it was a good idea to put dye in a waterfall?! So many ways to make a revelation tea and they managed to choose just one with an environmental impact,” one angry netizen commented.

“So many ways to do a gender-reveal party and they chose just the one that has an environmental impact,” another netizen said.

Punished for polluting the river

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported that the preliminary investigation by SEMA found no change in the water’s physical parameters, such as colour and other, and no trace of local fish mortality so far.

However, the authorities are not ruling out widespread pollution just yet as the investigation is not over.

As of now, one of the family members involved was reportedly being charged.

Do you think that the couple had went overboard for the gender reveal party? Share your thoughts!

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