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Concertgoers goes crazy at unlicensed concert near mosque, Kedah MB responds by banning all concerts that transgress ‘local community norms’

A concert that was held last Saturday (1 October) at the Kedah State Art Gallery has seen thousands of youths dancing and partying with the live band and loud music.

However, the event has since attracted numerous criticisms from netizens for being organised near Kedah’s most renowned mosque, Masjid Zahir, with many thinking this was disrespectful.

Responding to the matter, the Alor Setar City Council (MBAS) stressed that they have not given any permission to the organiser to hold such concert.

The city’s mayor Datuk Zaid Ahmad also expresses regret at the organiser for violating the rules and causing discomfort to the people in the state. He also said that the city council will carry out investigations regarding the matter.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Tourism, Arts and Culture Committee, Mohd Firdaus Ahmad said he had brought up the matter to Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor and that the committee will launch an investigation over the incident.

He said his office will send an official letter to the parties involved to request an explanation about the incident.

“We will do investigations, including an internal one because the co-organiser of this festival is the Kedah State Museum Board. As the chairman, I will take a close look into why this incident happened,” he was quoted as saying by Kosmo.

He elaborated that the state government had not received detailed information about the festival’s content, including the concert.

“The state government and the museum were not informed that a concert like this would occur. The permission only includes providing a site at the state’s Art Gallery for the festival of young entrepreneurs. What happened at the concert was unexpected,” he said.

Concerts now banned in Kedah

Following the issue, Muhammad Sanusi has taken to his official Facebook page to announce a ban on all concerts that lead to unruly behaviour in the state.

He said that a benchmark of unruly behaviour would be those who attended the concert at Kedah State Art Gallery.

“The frenzied actions of the youth caused by the concert at the Kedah State Art Gallery is a sign that activities that encourage the violation of community norms should not be given space to breed,” Muhammad Sanusi said.

“We encourage the organisation of events that are healthy for the body such as fun runs, fun rides, treasure hunts, fishing competitions and other competitions that comply with existing laws and guidelines of open events and local community etiquette,” he added.

Sanusi said all district officers who chair committees related to entertainment licensing had been informed about it and the instructions were effective immediately.

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