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#UndiBanjir trending on Twitter, M’sians urged to punish UMNO for its monsoon GE15 plan

Social News#UndiBanjir trending on Twitter, M'sians urged to punish UMNO for its monsoon...

On Friday (30 September), UMNO secretary-general Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan announced that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob will soon present a few potential dates to dissolve the Parliament to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

In addition, it was reported that UMNO’s “top five” have reached an agreement to dissolve Parliament this year, paving the way for the GE15.

However, the decision did not sit well with Malaysians, with many condemning UMNO for its insistence on a general election this year, despite monsoon fears. Using the hashtag #UndiBanjir, netizens called on voters to teach the party a lesson by voting against them.

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“No more fighting between parties. Now UMNO is fighting with the rakyat. We will make you lose!” a netizen said on Twitter.

“Not even an ounce of respect to the people. The more we say it’s banjir (flood) end of this year, the more eager they are to call for elections this year. Are you crazy or stupid?” one angry netizen said.

Among those who criticised the party was MUDA member and entrepreneur Datin Dian Lee, who pointed out the cost of GE15 and even more so, the cost of homes and lives that are lost in the floods. “This is a heartless government. We cannot let them win,” she said.

Meanwhile, many netizens also compared the coming election to #UndiRabu, a movement spearheaded by average Malaysians during the GE14 in 2018 that helped voters who were unable to find or afford transportation back to return to their hometowns to the then election that was held on a Wednesday.

On the other hand, some netizens said that if elections can be held during Covid-19, then holding one in the floods is nothing. However, this incited more rage from netizens, who accused him of being pro-UMNO.

They also reminded him of how the election back then had caused the spread of Covid-19 cases across the nation.

Earlier, the Meteorological Department said the country go through a monsoon transition phase, starting 3 October until the end of November. During this period, the country will experience heavier rainfall and the possibility of floods.

The department also advised the public to be more cautious during the monsoon transition phase and regularly check for the latest weather updates issued by the department through its official website, the myCuaca app or through its official social media handles.

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