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M’sian man urges men not to purchase local vehicles since women wouldn’t find them attractive

Meeting the individual in person is something you should do when online dating in addition to ensuring your safety. This will enable you to determine whether everyone is on the same page and whether this connection has the ability to develop into a romantic relationship.

There are various distinctions between meeting in person and texting online, so online dating might not be simple. Unfortunately, it appears that this man hasn’t had the best luck with online dating.

He stated in his post:

“I came to the realisation that the first thing girls would notice when you meet someone you met online and decide to go out with is the automobile you drive.”

The girls I’ve met up with entirely lose interest in me when they see the Perodua Bezza I drive, I’ve noticed.

He claimed to make about RM6,000 per month, but occasionally made about RM10,000 per month because his pay was based on the commission he received.

“I purchased a Perodua Bezza since I needed a car right away. So, if you want to buy a car, please get a “better” car, fellow guys.

A Proton is superior to a Perodua; it doesn’t have to be a Honda, Mercedes, BMW, or Toyota.

He then concluded the article by noting that, contrary to what they might initially think when they see a guy driving a Bezza, girls aren’t materialistic. Maybe it seems too commonplace to them.

Many online users disapproved of his article, and the following are some of their comments:

“Usually, I start by checking the man’s face before looking at how clean his vehicle is. The expensive cars that men drive might be rented,” a netizen said.

“I do not really care about the car a guy drives or how he looks. But I do care about his driving skills, it has to be good,” another netizen said.

While everybody has their own standards when it comes to choosing a partner, we should remind that cars are just a means of transportation and they cannot be used to judge one’s personality.

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