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“Her mother looks like her maid” M’sian actress slams netizens who left inconsiderate comments

Social News"Her mother looks like her maid" M'sian actress slams netizens who left...

Judging people by their appearances is never ok and it is unfair to them too.

Recently, local actress Anna Jobling was left fuming after a few netizens left inconsiderate comments about her mother’s appearance on social media, saying that she looks like her maid instead. Clearly, these netizens went overboard this time, for not respecting her mother.

“She looks like your maid,” a netizen casually commented.

“I thought that was her maid. I even said that it’s nice of her to respect her maid,” another netizen said.

In an interview with XTRA, Anna lamented inconsiderate netizens who make such remarks despite her family has never done the same to anyone.

“Why would you insult someone’s mom like that? Can you just respect my family? For me, don’t mess with my family.”

“If you have a problem with me, just tell it straight to my face. Don’t drag my family into this because they are not bothering anybody. How would you feel if someone is being rude towards your family member?” Anna was quoted as saying.


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When asked if her mother is aware of the malicious comments, Anna said fortunately, her mother is a strong person and does not care about the naysayers.

“Praise God my mother is a strong woman. She only focuses on my well-being. For all the negative comments we have received, we have no loss,” she said.

Meanwhile, Anna also expressed her gratitude to her fans for their countless support.

“I’m so grateful to have fans who backed me up, as they understand how it feels. My fans are kind, supporting and very respectful to me and my family and I’m so grateful to have them,” she said.

However, Anna still hopes that people could comment more on her work, her drama, or even her acting.

“Why can’t you just comment about my work, my drama, my acting, my theatres, why would you involve my family?” she said.

Regardless, Anna noted that it is netizens’ right to express what they want online, but she will continue staying positive and not be bothered by them.

“These netizens can say anything they want but the most important thing for me is to stay positive, and I don’t want to be bothered by the issue anymore,” she said.

While everybody has the right to express their thoughts, one should not misuse this right to insult others.

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