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With GAIAS Home’s 100-Day Sleep Challenge, you can earn while you sleep

LifestyleWith GAIAS Home's 100-Day Sleep Challenge, you can earn while you sleep

Everyone will agree that getting enough sleep is crucial. Nevertheless, while being aware of its importance, some people find it difficult or impossible to sleep for a variety of reasons. In fact, using your electronic gadgets before bed is a common cause of poor sleep.

There’s no denying that it can be difficult to get a decent night’s sleep. However, GAIAS Home is here to support you in that! The 100 Days Sleeping Challenge is something GAIAS Home is doing to get people to sleep better. You have the opportunity to win a sizable monetary reward in addition to getting some restful sleep.

We are all aware that our electronic devices need to be fully charged before we can use them. Some people, though, just don’t apply that reasoning to themselves. As a result, GAIAS Home is encouraging people to consider how their usage of devices before bed, sometimes known as “junk sleep,” is having a negative impact on their life. And the best way to do so is to compare the two for yourself after a good night’s sleep.

Here how the “100 Days Sleeping Challenge” works:

  1. Record your sleeping experience using all GAIAS Home products received for the
  2. Share feedback on your sleeping experience with GAIAS in fortnightly check-ins
  3. Publish a story or post on any social media platform (account must be public) with the
    campaign hashtag #gaiassleepers when officially starting the challenge
  4. Publish a video (minimum 5 minutes in length) on any social media platform at the end
    of the challenge, recounting your sleeping experience using GAIAS’ products

The competition formally begins on November 1 and runs through February 20. You will each earn RM2,000 in cash rewards and a premium set of GAIAS Home’s newest products if you successfully complete the 100-day challenge. There are two memory foam pillows, a duvet, a topper, and trademark cotton and Tencel sheet sets among them.

Please feel free to apply here if you’re interested in taking up the challenge. Applications are accepted through October 17th. Challengers will thereafter be examined and questioned from October 18 to October 24. Then, beginning on October 25, the names of the selected challengers will be made public.

It certainly looks to be a win-win situation! After all, in addition to getting a good night’s sleep, you may also be eligible for some excellent incentives. So perhaps it’s time to put your technology away and start daydreaming. Visit their website for additional information about the initiative.

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