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Mother faces charges for lodging false report and defamation claim of RM10 million over her son’s abuse at ‘militant style madrasah’

NewsMother faces charges for lodging false report and defamation claim of RM10...

A mother is facing charges over making false report about her son being a victim of abuse at an allegedly “militant style madrasah” and a claim amount to RM10 million by the madrasah operator for defatmation.

The saga started on 21 August when a 45-year-old mother lodged a police report against a madrasah claiming that her son was attacked at 11 pm on 10 August.

According to a report by NST, her 20-year-old son, who wants to be known simply as Hariz, has been receiving treatment since April for drug addiction at Madrasah Darussolihin located at Jalan Kebun, Shah Alam.

However, on 23 August, the son lodge another report, denying his mother’s claim that he had been a victim of abuse and said he was still living and receiving treatment at the madrasah.

Source: Media Variasi

Representative allegedly admits to have been operating illegally for 20 years

A month later, Media Variasi reported that Ridzuan, a representative of Madrasah Darussolihin, confirmed that the madrasah is merely an organisatiom and that they had been operating illegally for 20 years.

“We are also not registered under the Ministry of Education (MOE), people call our institution a madrasah, hence, we use the name madrasah,” he said.

“Yes, we admit that we did not get the approval of the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) or the Selangor Department of Islamic Religion (JAIS) because we did not meet the requirements set by Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT),” he added.

Source: Media Variasi

Viral Twitter thread about alleged abuse

Meanwhile, the victim’s brother had on 23 September took to Twitter to explain the alleged abuse his brother had to endure at the hands of the madrasah.

He said his family came to the madrasah, intending to take Hariz to the police station to file a report but they were not treated kindly, and a scuffle ensued. The brother also claimed that Hariz was punched because the madrasah allegedly refused to let him go.

Meanwhile, the brother also named the several abuses by madrasah, including the following:
– Hariz’s head was hit with an iron wrench.
– Hit with a hose pipe.
– Beaten with a mop until the shaft broke.
– Asked to hold someone else’s penis.
– Forced to defecate in plastic bags.
– Fed cili padi and salt.
– Molested.
– Forced to run on rocks until Hariz’s heel shattered.

On the same day, Hariz and his family held a media conference to explain what he had endured in the madrasah. He said that during the early stages of his treatment, he and the residents there were taught the true Islamic teaching and they always had congregational prayer.

Source: Harian Metro

“However, not long after, the madrasah began abusing us for no reason, and I was locked in a room that resembled a prison,” Hariz said, adding that the madrasah also mandates residents to selawat (send salutations) to Sheikh Abdul Kadir Jailani every night.

On 25 September, Hariz decided to backtrack his earlier claim and filed a second police report, saying that he was attacked by the madrasah’s wardens on 10 August.

On the other hand, Shah Alam police chief ACP Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said the victim was taken to Shah Alam Hospital but checks found no bruises on the victim and thus, concluding that the mother is lodging a false report.

At the same time, Malaysia Gazette reported that Madrasah Darussolihin submitted claims for damages of RM10 million each to Media Variasi’s reporter, the victim’s mother, and the alleged victim for defamation.

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