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UiTM lecturer accused of sexually harassing student fired, former student expresses gratitude

Social NewsUiTM lecturer accused of sexually harassing student fired, former student expresses gratitude

Former Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) student, Farah Azuin Abdul Razak is thankful and relieved after justice was served following the university’s announcement that it has dismissed a lecturer accused of sexual harassment with immediate effect.

“After the interrogation and internal investigation procedures were completed and discussed by the disciplinary committee, UiTM has taken action to immediately terminate the service of the lecturer who was accused of sexually harassing the former student.” UiTM wrote in a statement.

The university said the investigation against the professor had been conducted in accordance with the rules and procedures outlined in the Statutory Bodies (Discipline and Surcharge) Act 2000. (Act 605).

The rules stated that disciplinary action might be taken against staff employees who disobey Act 605 and UiTM regulations’ norms, codes of behaviour, and prohibitions.

After receiving the complaint from Farah, the UiTM Integrity Unit said it has conducted a thorough investigation over the matter.

In August, Farah took to her Twitter page to share her predicament, at the same time condemning the authorities for not taking any action despite lodging a police report and complaint to the university a year ago on 2 June 2021.

Along with the post, she also uploaded screenshots of her WhatsApp discussion with the lecturer and pictures of a police report that she had filed.

It can be seen that the professor had requested the student to participate in a “Survey on Sexual Awareness Among Students of Higher Learning Institutions”, but the poll questions asked respondents if they had ever used sex toys and whether it had made them feel aroused.

Among other things were a question that asked respondents to arrange the ideal sequence of events during an intimate encounter.

Source: Twitter

After having waited for a month after she lodge a report to the police and UiTM, the lecturer filed a lawsuit against her on 6 September 2021 for allegedly exposing his private life and identifying the institution.

Citing the incident, UiTM vice-chancellor, Prof Datuk Roziah Mohd Janor once again remind the university’s staff members about Act 605.

“If anyone disobeys an order or behaves in any way that can reasonably be interpreted as disobeying an order, the university will not compromise and will take stern action against them,” she added.

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