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Indonesian teen brings crocodile as ‘reinforcement’ to inter-school fight

Social NewsIndonesian teen brings crocodile as 'reinforcement' to inter-school fight

What would you expect to see when a fight breaks out? It’s normally punches, kicks or worse, wooden sticks or any other kind of weapon. However, have you seen people bringing reptiles as backup in a fight?

Recently, an inter-school brawl that took police in Duren Sawit of East Jakarta, Indonesia has gone viral online after one of the students involved brought a baby crocodile as ‘reinforcement’ for the fight!

The incident was reported by Warung Jurnalis and it took place last Sunday (18 September).

Source: Instagram

The Indonesia media outlet also uploaded a closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the fight, which showed the students getting rounded up by police, who arrived at the scene after they receive a report about the incident.

Nonetheless, if you look closely at the clip, you can see the crocodile!

After the students were brought to the police station, it was revealed that the baby crocodile was under the care of the boy who brought it to the fight.

The investigations found that the teens traded insults on social media before it led to this brawl. It was reported that 11 people were taken into custody, and were made to sign statements promising that they would not get involved in any more fights. The parents were also informed of this incident.

According to Kompas.com, District’s police commissioner chief M Marbun said the crocodile was present during the fight, but the boy did not expect a brawl with another school to break out while taking care of the animal.

Meanwhile, Coconuts Jakarta reported that the reptile belongs to the school, which specialises in animal care education. It is said that the crocodile was not wielded as a weapon, instead, it was merely present as a spectator and was not involved in the fight.

Nonetheless, the baby crocodile has since been confiscated by the police and it was handed it over to the East Jakarta Environment Agency.

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