Sunday, February 5, 2023

“They are scalpers!” Video of customers at Baby Expo panic buy gets criticisms from netizens

Social News"They are scalpers!" Video of customers at Baby Expo panic buy gets...

Everybody loves discounts, and some would even go through the massive crowd of people just to get their hands on the discounted items.

Recently, the TCE Baby Expo at Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur had seen a massive crowd of people wrestling past each other to grab hold of items on offer. What’s even more about this is that these people can be seen hoarding bundles instead of purchasing just a couple.

In a video posted by Facebook user Amy Mekliy, the group can be seen pushing through the crowd while grabbing armfuls of products.

One woman was even seen wrestling her way through the crowd while carrying her baby along.

Does this remind you of the panic buying that we have when the Covid-19 pandemic just started in the country?

Source: Astro Awani

Meanwhile, the video has gone viral online, with many netizens pointing out one possible reason as to why the group are willing to go through the hassle to grab the discounted products, that they could be scalpers.

“Most of these people have shops or online stores. They want to resell these items. Understand that life these days are difficult. So, if there are crazy cheap sales, they’ll go hard to buy in bulk to resell below the market,” a netizen said.

“Those who buy in bulk may not have children. They buy in bulk to resell at a higher price,” another netizen said.

“It’s like going to the market. Won’t they get ashamed when their children watch this video? These people are weird,” one netizen said.

Meanwhile, a netizen suggested that sellers should impose a limit on how much a customer can buy and a time limit on how long they can spend their time shopping there.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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