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M’sian woman looking for polygamous relationship after her traumatic past, netizens had mixed feeling about this

Social NewsM'sian woman looking for polygamous relationship after her traumatic past, netizens had...

Although polygamy is legal for Muslims in Malaysia, being in such a relationship does have a psychological impact on both women and children.

Recently, a woman took it to her Facebook to share that she had longed for a polygamous relationship due to her traumatic past.

Her confession was made on Facebook group ‘Luahan Hati Seorang Isteri’, where she said she is currently looking for a married man who is willing to have a polygamous but legal relationship with her.


“I have a dreadful past that my friends and family don’t know about. All the men I knew previously merely wanted my body,” she said.

“If there’s a man who’s willing to commit to a polygamous relationship and his family is accepting of it, I’m ready with an open heart,” she added.

Meanwhile, netizens think that her request was not acceptable as she past should not be a reason for her to look for someone else’s husband.

“Don’t build your happiness on someone else’s pain. Remember, taking something that belongs to others won’t last long,” a netizen said.

Meanwhile, some netizens expressed sympathy with the user and urged others to understand her past before passing judging them.

“We aren’t someone who’s able to judge others. So if we can’t help with anything, just read. There is no need to comment,” one netizen wrote.

How polygamy affects a family?

A study was conducted on the psychological impact of polygamous marriage on women and children.

It was found that women and children in polygamous marriages have higher scores in somatization, obsessive-compulsive, interpersonal sensitivity, anxiety, hostility, phobia, paranoia, and psychoticism compared to monogamous marriages.

In addition, women in polygamous marriages were found to have two times higher risk of developing depression compared to monogamous marriages. 

The study concluded by suggesting polygamy be recognized as a particular risk factor for developing social problems in children. It also emphasised that proper education and more attention should be given to the children’s emotional and social needs.

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