Thursday, March 30, 2023

“The original teh tarik!” M’sia’s national drink goes viral on TikTok for literarily being ‘teh tarik’

Social News"The original teh tarik!" M'sia's national drink goes viral on TikTok for...

Teh tarik is the national beverage of Malaysia and it can be commonly found in restaurants, outdoor stalls, mamaks and kopitiams. It is also best when paired with roti canai.

When translated to English, the popular beverage means ‘pulled tea’. It also got its name from the process of ‘pulling’ the drink during preparation, where one would pour the tea from one cup to another from a distance using a ‘pull’ action to mix it thoroughly.

The origins of the teh tarik can be traced back to post-World War II when Indian Muslim immigrants set up drink stalls at the entrance of rubber plantations to serve workers there. Since then, it has become a popular drink across Malaysia and Singapore.

However, what if someone takes its name as it is?

Recently, TikTok user @noorulkutha shared a video of a glass of teh tarik that was on the ground of a mamak restaurant. What’s more about this is that the glass of teh tarik was attached to a hook-like stick while being dragged to its customer!

While teh tarik‘s name is self-explanatory, it appears that the worker of the restaurant here took its name for good and literally pulled the tea – like a pet going for a walk outside.

“Look guys, this is teh tarik,” the man behind the video can be heard saying in Tamil.

“Customer asked for teh tarik, so they tied it and dragged it around. You can’t find this anywhere else in the world.”

The video has since gone viral online, with many netizens saying that this is the original teh tarik!

“Boss, can this teh tarik reach Singapore?” a netizen asked.

“Could this be more expensive because of the added transportation cost?” another netizen jokingly asked.

“This is what happens when you use Google translate!” one netizen said.

Apart from the joke, we hope that this tea wasn’t actually served to a customer due to hygiene concerns.

What do you think about this ‘teh tarik’? We hope it put a smile on your face!

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