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Johor man finds photos of couple tied to a brick, suspects black magic is involved

You’ll never know what you are going to catch when you are fishing, but for this man, it will be an unforgettable one as he found something out-of-the-ordinary.

Taking it to TikTok, user @botakbakat shared that he went fishing under the bridge in Jambatan Telok Sengat, Johor when he found a brick with an white envelope tied to it. Out of curiosity, he decided to unravel the content in the envelope.

To his horror, he found an image of a married couple. It was noted that the image of the woman was covered in soil from the grave. Thus, the user suspected that the couple could be a victim of black magic.

Source: TikTok

However, the user said he did not explore further as the discovery is already frightening. Regardless, he left a message for the couple.

“Just in case something happened to both of you, this might be the reason. Someone cast a spell on both of you,” the user said.


Misteri di bawah Jambatan Telok Sengat. Begini cerita ketika saya sedang memancing ikan di bawah Jambatan Telok Sengat ( Jambatan Highway E22 Senai – Desaru ) Saya terjumpa satu sampul surat yang di ikat dengan batu didalam air kemudian saya ambil bawa naik kedarat. Setelah dibuka di dalam sampul surat mengandungi gambar Jeng..jeng..jeng..Gambar tersebut seperti gambar pasangan suami isteri. Andai tuan empunya gambar ada sesuatu ini berlaku terhadap dirinya atau ahli keluarganya. Mungkin ini

♬ Allah Allah Aghisna – Nazwa Maulidia

The video has since gone viral, with many Malaysians condemning the use of black magic and hoping that nothing bad had happened to both the user and the couple.

“Remember to recite the prayers. You’ve touched the stuff, you take care of yourself too,” a netizen said.

“People who did this will be tormented and punished,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, it was reported that sorcery remained widely practised by certain quarters in modern Malay society and up to 44,000 were believed to have been victims of sorcery yearly.

Starting 1 November, sorcery will be a criminal offence in Kelantan and it is one of the new offences listed under the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code (I) Enactment 2019. However, it would be difficult for the authorities to arrest and charge people practising sorcery as it is challenging to prove a crime that involves mysticism and occultism.

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