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“Don’t urinate in wash sink!” Man kicks ‘housemate from hell’ out after he turns room into a nightmare

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Staying under the same roof isn’t simple, but it would be better if you and your housemates were on the same wavelength and take care of the cleanliness of the house.

Unfortunate for this TikTok user, he had to experience a ‘tenant from hell’ for 3 weeks before kicking him out of the house.

In a 14-second video on TikTok, the user shows how the once spotless room was turned into a complete mess by the tenant, with food left on the bed and clothes scattered, and a foul smell coming from the room.

Speaking to mStar, the TikTok user, whose name is Mohd Firdaus said he has been renting one of the rooms in the apartment unit in Puchong for the past two years and lives with another tenant.

He said the third room was empty before it was rented to a man in his 30s about three weeks ago.

“When he first came in, I wasn’t at home because I was outstation. The rental was managed by another friend who rented the master bedroom which has its own bathroom,” he said.

Source: TikTok

“However, I soon notice his disgusting habits as we share the same bathroom. When I entered the bathroom in the morning, I could smell urine and saw that the sink had yellow water in it.”

In addition, the housemate is also said to defecate messily, despite being repeatedly warned not to do such disgusting things. Mohd Firdaus said there were pieces of faeces all over the bathroom floor, and the toilet hole was not cleaned thoroughly.

To make things worse, the housemate often took food and drinks that he and his other housemate bought without asking permission.

Source: TikTok

Unable to stand the behaviour of his housemate, Mohd Firdaus decided to kick out him out of the house immediately.

The TikTok post has since gone viral, with many netizens agreeing with Mohd Firdaus’ decision. Many netizens also expressed that they were horrified to see how the room was devastating and asked how can someone live like that.

“How can he sleep in such a environment? I would get nervous after seeing this,” a netizen said.

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