Friday, December 9, 2022

“Dia kan Cina” M’sian shares hilarious incident of Malay couple expressing confidence in Chinese vendor’s mathematic skills

Social News"Dia kan Cina" M'sian shares hilarious incident of Malay couple expressing confidence...

We often hear a stereotype that says Chinese people are good at mathematics. While some may say such a stereotype is not true, it seems that a recent conversation between a Malay couple and a Chinese vendor once again proves that it is somewhat true.

In a Facebook post, a netizen shared a conversation she had with a Malay couple who bought something from her.

When making payment, the couple gave a RM50 note for the RM33 bill. This means that the vendor was supposed to return a change of RM17.


However, she realised that she was out of RM1 notes, so she asked the couple if they had three RM1 notes, so she could return them a RM20 note instead.

“I heard the wife whisper to her husband, ‘Is her calculation correct?’, to which he replied, ‘Just give lah! Isn’t she Chinese?’ (Bagi je lah, dia kan Cina?)”

“I never thought the phrase ‘dia kan Cina’ could be so powerful,” she said.

In the comment section, the netizen said the husband shared with her that he used to buy soy milk from a Chinese uncle as a child but never knew how much in change he should get.

“He told me that he was amazed by how it only took the uncle three seconds to figure it out and when he told his parents about it, they made him solve 100 math questions before dinner,” she said.

The hilarious sharing has since gone viral on Facebook, garnering over 6,200 likes and 3,500 shares at the time of writing.

Nonetheless, some netizen also joked about them being a shame to the Chinese community for being bad at mathemathics.

Do you agree with this stereotype that says the Chinese are always good at mathematics? Share your thoughts!

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