Sunday, March 26, 2023

“That’s a stupid design” Commuters slam SUKE operator for design that causes more traffic congestion

Social News"That's a stupid design" Commuters slam SUKE operator for design that causes...

It has been about a week since the Sg Besi-Ulu Kelang Elevated Expressway (SUKE) was open to the public, but complaints about the exit ramp heading towards the Cheras-Kajang Highway have been mounting on social media.

Among the complaints include the lack of free flow traffic and express surprise that the single-lane elevated ramp exit ends with traffic lights.

Some also said that the design of the SUKE exit is ‘unrealistic’ as there is no direct access to the Cheras-Kajang Highway.

Even more so, some commuters said they have to endure bumper-to-bumper traffic between 10 minutes and 30 minutes to pass through the Taman Cuepacs/PGA and Jalan Cheras junction before getting onto the Grand Saga toll plaza at the 9th Mile Jalan Cheras.

“SUKE highway is amazing! New toilets are always amazing! Too bad, the amazing feel(ing) was spoiled by the exit at Cheras/Kajang before connecting to Kajang highway! It was a bloody stupid traffic light junction,” a netizen said.

Another netizen expressed the same sentiment and said the traffic was all smooth until they reach the exit.

“Suddenly Cheras/Kajang has a traffic light. It was all smooth but spoiled. What kind of planning is this? On DUKE MRR2 it took 15 minutes, waiting for the traffic light to clear and it took 30 minutes. Good luck during peak hours!” the netizen said.

“Those who are travelling from Kajang to KL via Cheras Kajang Expressway, tell me the opening of SUKE hasn’t made the traffic condition worse during the morning rush hours,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, on the DashCam Owner Malaysia’s Facebook group, some members pointed out the safety issues of the certain design of the expressway.

“Sharp corner going downhill with two-lane merging into one, and suddenly there’s a traffic light. I hope there won’t be a tragedy of a lorry (the excuse of brake failure) crashing into cars in front. We should take a cue from tragedies in the past such as mayhem at Jelapang toll,” a netizen said.

Those who have been using the SUKE expressway, do you have the same comments? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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