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“See you in court” KL residents disappointed with DBKL over ‘outdated’ flood mitigation plan

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A group of eight residents of Kuala Lumpur (KL) will be taking the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and federal territories minister Shahidan Kassim to the court for their ‘outdated’ flood mitigation plan.

Last week, the group sent a letter of demand to DBKL and threaten to take them to the courts if they fail to provide information on the flood mitigation plan within 5 days starting Monday (19 September).

In response, DBKL on Thursday (22 September) issued a press statement to say that there is an existing plan for this year and that it is working with several agencies to mitigate floods based on this plan.

Source: Malay Mail

In a statement on Sunday (25 September), lawyer Lim Wei Jiet, who is representing the group, said they decided to continue with the lawsuit and claimed that DBKL’s Pelan Tindakan Banjir Kilat 2022 does not contain adequate detailed information on its flood mitigation strategy for the city.

“We will proceed to sue DBKL for not providing the requested information on flood mitigation,” Lim said.

“In our view, the flash flood action plan does not contain adequately detailed information on its flood mitigation strategy for Kuala Lumpur, which would allow meaningful engagement, scrutiny and accountability by the public.”

“Simply put, it is an outdated plan which is inadequate to deal with the expected floods in November and December.”

Lim added that the plan, which was published in May 2022, was drafted before the 2021 Auditor-General’s Report was published last month and hence does not take into account the weaknesses identified in the report, which is crucial to mitigate flooding in Kuala Lumpur. 

“For the above reasons and due to the gravity and urgency of the matter, we have no choice but to file the suit in court,” Lim said.

“We hope the Court will compel DBKL and the Minister of Federal Territories to provide us the required information – for the sake of all KL residents.”

According to the A-G’s report, there had been several failures by DBKL in implementing the proposed short-term flood mitigation measures (2018-2022) under the master plan. It also reported that only eight of the 104 flood mitigation measures proposed by DBKL had been implemented or were in the process of implementation.

“Furthermore, there are weaknesses in aspects of programme management, including the appointment of contractors, contract administration, maintenance work as well as components and configuration of flood reservoirs and recreation ponds,” the audit report reads.

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