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Watch: Teenage girl breaks down after discovering her favourite Kpop merchandise collection was burned by her father

Source: TikTok

There are many ways to understand what a child is going through, and being a parent, it is our duty to guide them to the right path. It is also important to take care of their feelings while we are teaching them a lesson.

Unfortunately for this young schoolgirl, she had to go through the painful experience of having her favourite Kpop merchandise burnt by her father.

In a TikTok video that has since gone viral, the young girl can be seen wiping tears rolling down her face after she discovered her collection was gone. She then walked around her room while trying to look if there are any remaining pieces.


It is understood that some of her collection were given by her friends, while others bought with her own money.

Another video showed the poor girl digging around the charred ground at her backyard, trying to salvage anything that was left.

While most of them were reduced to ashes, she managed to find a box containing a few of her prized possessions, though it was charred at the sides.

Meanwhile, netizens felt sorry for her and say the parent should communicate with her before destroying their belongings. It is believed that the father did not like the fact that his girl is interested in Kpop.

Some even claimed that this is a sort of emotional abuse and said a parent should have never done it.

“You must be crazy for thinking it is the right decision for you to burn your child’s belongings, cause at the end of the day it doesn’t solve anything, and this is straight-up emotional abuse,” a netizen said.

“It’s alarming how some parents are just hell-bent on traumatising their children. They violated her space, belongings and emotions just because they can’t relate to her interests and posted it on social media for everyone to see what terrible parents they are,” another netizen said.

Children have feelings and interests too, and communication is the key to understanding them. The last thing you want is to abuse your authority into breaking their hearts and developing a rebellious child.

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