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Restaurant owner lodges police report over customer’s complaint of his nasi goreng pattaya being expensive

Social NewsRestaurant owner lodges police report over customer's complaint of his nasi goreng...

A netizen got herself into trouble after she took her to complain about a dish she ordered online. The incident ended up with the restaurant owner lodging a police report against the netizen for damaging his business’s reputation.

The incident started when TikTok user @zirahrc uploaded a video of her complaining that the nasi goreng pattaya was not worth the price she paid.

It is understood that she ordered the dish from Asmani Tomyam Seafood, Alor Setar, Kedah through the Foodpanda app and it is priced at RM9.50, while the delivery charge amounts to RM4.00, making the total amounting to RM13.50.

However, while expressing her displeasure, she took a video of her half-finish nasi goreng pattaya, which later sparked the anger of the restaurant.

“Look what kind of nasi goreng pattaya you get. It looks sick. Should this be priced at RM13.50? Is this how you cook, wow?” the netizen said.

While the original video was taken down by Zirah, the restaurant owner, whose TikTok account is @ridzuan_abdunloh13 managed to save a copy of the video, before snitching it up with his reply to be reposted on the social media platform.

According to Ridzuan, the customer should have taken the video before she started digging in, and not when she is almost finished with it.

In addition, he also defended that food is priced reasonably at his restaurant but it turned expensive because the customer was buying it via a food delivery app.

“If you buy it directly from my restaurant, it’s only RM6,” he said.

The incident has also went viral among netizens with many criticising Ridzuan for being unwilling to accept complaints from customers.

It was then he decided to lodge a police report and demanded the customer to apologise to him for defaming his restaurant.

Meanwhile, netizens were amused by the restaurant owner’s pettiness.

“It’s my first time seeing a restaurant owner make a police report because of Pattaya Fried Rice,” a netizen said.

“I’m scared of ordering from him now. I am afraid to end up in jail,” another netizen jokingly said.

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