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Looking for treatment for Covid-19? Here’s where you can get Paxlovid and when you should use it

Social NewsLooking for treatment for Covid-19? Here's where you can get Paxlovid and...

Paxlovid is one of the antiviral medication prescribed for Covid-19 patients. While the country relaxes its Covid-19 restrictions, you may want to know where and when you can get these medications in the unfortunate event that you were infected by Covid-19.

Speaking from his experience, Khoo said his mother was tested positive for Covid-19 a few months back, and he then made enquiries at a few private hospitals on how he could get her the antiviral medication Paxlovid.

Khoo shared that some private hospitals required patients to check in to do several tests before they can administer the drug. On the other hand, he said there were also those who can do the tests without the patient being admitted.

Khoo said while the drug is considered free, the tests could cost up to RM1,000.

“She had mild symptoms like headache, nasal congestion and fatigue. Before taking Paxlovid, the hospital needed to check her lungs, liver, kidneys and blood,” Khoo said during an interview with Malay Mail.

Source: NST

Consult before you consume Paxlovid

Meanwhile, another Covid-19 patient, Carolyn said her symptoms worsened after the fourth day and that she was on immunosuppressants. Her lungs were tightening and congested, making it difficult to breathe, she explained.

She said she called the Covid-19 Assessment Centre (CAC) and the nurse referred her to a doctor who called her back saying she too wasn’t sure about her medication and if it was safe to administer Paxlovid.

“However she did say she would consult a specialist first. After that, I was called to go to the CAC to pick up the Paxlovid. The CAC nearest my place only opens in the morning but they still let me go in the afternoon to pick up the medicine.”

“The doctor personally came out to the Covid tent (which was closed by then so I was the only one there) to talk to me. She asked for a list of the medications I’m on and then cross checked it with the MOH list.”

“After making sure it doesn’t clash with my meds, she made sure that I really want to take the meds before opening the box and explaining the dosage,” Carolyn said.

“After that they called me the next two days to check on me. What was most epic was her telling me that the medicine is very expensive and not to waste it by throwing it away. She said others collected it and after one dose threw away the rest,” she added.

Where can you get Paxlovid?

Since April 2022, Malaysians can get their hands on Paxlovid if they are confirmed to be Covid-19 positive.

The first method would be heading to the nearest Covid-19 Assessment Centre (CAC) in health clinic or government hospital to be assessed by a medical officer (MO). If you have comorbidities, inform the MO attending to you as they have guidelines set by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on who is a good candidate for the drug.

Alternatively, you can head to a private medical facility, but you would be subject to a medical checkup which has to be paid for (as seen in the case of Khoo’s mother). However, the costs may vary in different facilities.

If you are looking for a list of private health facility that offers Paxlovid, you may visit this website by the Health Ministry.

As for information on government hospitals and CACs, click here.

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