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Transport minister invites public to become public transport auditors

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In response to heavy criticisms of the country’s public transport system, Prasarana Malaysia Bhd is now asking for the public’s cooperation to help uplift the standards of operations and maintenance of its infrastructure and facilities.

The decision was announced during a media roundtable with key stakeholders including the owner and operator of several key public transport infrastructures and facilities in Malaysia, such as the MRT, LRT, monorail, Sunway bus rapid transit, and a large fleet of stage coaches.

Prasana said it is committed to enhance its customers’ experience when using its network.

Also present at the press conference was Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong and he said that public transport users have highlighted several issues with the facilities and the preparedness of the train stations and bus hubs.

“Prasarana has been tasked with creating a comprehensive approach in ensuring its facilities are in tip top condition,” he said.

At the same time, he also invited the public to give systematic feedback on land public transport infrastructure by becoming “mystery shoppers”.

“The main thrust of the government when it comes to user-friendly public transportation is to provide convenience through a network that is planned, safe, efficient, responsive, and sustainable. To achieve this, user experience is an aspect that must be emphasised, and is one of the factors that will catalyse the growth of ridership,” Dr Wee added.

He said that Prasarana formed an audit committee dubbed ‘Akses’ back in June to look into the preparedness and worthiness of transport hubs and the first audit conducted in August found that 74% of the stations were in good condition, with average grading at 2.82 out of 3 marks.

“Akses includes self-appraisals by station and facility managers on its 147 train stations and ten bus hubs every quarter, looking into things like cleanliness, lighting, signage, as well as lifts and escalators, among others,” he explained.

However, the report also noted the areas for improvement including lighting, cleanliness of toilets, leakages and water ponding at station buildings, along with the conditions of lifts and escalators.

Meanwhile, Dr Wee said Prasarana has introduced the Mystery Shopper Programme, where selected public transport users were asked to “audit the station managers”.

These ‘independent’ auditors will go around as anonymous persons to verify the self-assessment done by Prasarana’s managers and supervisors under Akses.

“The Transport Ministry will monitor the improvements and conditions diligently, and we will also be directly involved in the Akses committee as an auditor to ensure things go smoothly,” he added.

Those who are interested in joining the programme can get more details from the PULSE app on Google Play or App Store, or RapidKL’s official website here.

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