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Najib and son gets stay of execution over RM1.7 billion tax arrears, M’sians call LHDN out for the double standard

Social NewsNajib and son gets stay of execution over RM1.7 billion tax arrears,...

On Wednesday (21 September), the Federal Court granted former prime minister Najib Razak and his son Nazifuddin a stay of execution against the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) from collecting the overdue tax amounting to more than RM1.7 billion.

This decision came after lawyer Muhammad Farhan Muhammad Shafee, who represents both Najib and his son, informed the 3-judge panel that LHDN did not object to their application to suspend the execution.

The matter was also confirmed by Senior Revenue Counsel Al-Hummidallah Idrus, representing LHDN.

Source: CNA

After the news went circulated on social media, LHDN started trending on Twitter, with many expressing their discontent over the double standard practised here.

Some netizens said that the agency had taken all possible measures to chase regular folks to settle their outstanding amount, despite them being the tiniest amount, but let the father and son go around while owing billions.

A netizen shared how she was prevented from leaving the country over an RM75 debt she owed to the LHDN while calling out to the agency for letting the big sharks go free.

“My passport was blocked by immigration because I did not know I had a balance of RM75 to pay to LHDN, eat the rich,” the netizen said.

“For RM1.7 billion they have no objection. For a couple of hundred bucks we are chased and threatened,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, several netizens suggested that Malaysians should not pay their tax as long as Najib is not paying his.

“LHDN, next time if us regular folks can’t afford to pay, we can apply for stay of execution too right? So we can use this as an example, to stay of execution from paying taxes. This is a great idea,” one netizen said.

RM1.7 billion is definitely not a small amount and it can fund several infrastructure projects in the country. Thus, we hope that LHDN will treat all Malaysians equally and not give preferential treatment to certain VIPs.

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