Friday, January 27, 2023

“Kelantanese men are red flags” M’sian woman surprised to find such a stereotype

Social News"Kelantanese men are red flags" M'sian woman surprised to find such a...

It is normal to have preference when it comes to choosing a life partner. However, it appears that a majority of Malaysian women are rejecting men from Kelantan.

The matter was brought to light by a Twitter user who is looking for a lover online and was surprised to find that men from Kelantan have consistently faced rejection simply because they were born in the northeastern state.

In a tweet, Atiqah said she received many messages from Kelantanese men but most of them were in an apologetic manner, saying, “If you don’t reply, I understand”, “I always receive replies that say they don’t accept Kelantanese men, so if you reject me, no hard feelings”, “but I am from Kelantan”.

After receiving numerous such responses, Atiqah could not help but think about what society has done to these men to make them think in such a manner.

Meanwhile, Atiqah said that most Kelantanese men she met were so much better than she was.

“They are smart, better speakers than I am, great in studies and carrying themselves, and one more thing you can’t deny… they are incredibly good at running businesses,” she said.

She then called on the people not to generalise Kelantanese men based on their one bad experience.

Nonetheless, netizens disagree with Atiqah and shared that it was the multiple unpleasant experiences with Kelantanese men that cause the stereotype against them.

“I dated someone who’s family is from Kelantan. Judging from my experience dating said person, I now understand why stereotypes exist,” a netizen said.

Another netizen claimed that if one married an unwealthy Kelantanese man, the woman would end up becoming the breadwinner and housewife at the same time. Even then, the husband would never help around the house.

“I’m a Kelantanese, and I would not want to date Kelantanese. My experience with those Kelantanese guys since 2019 is all big red flags and they perfected the stereotypes. They have typical Kelantan men’s behaviour even though they have high education, and they also like to use misuse religion,” one netizen shared.

Besides on Twitter, it seems that the topic has become a trend lately, with Kosmo reporting that women are avoiding going out with Kelantanese men because of their Kelantanese slang.

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