Transwoman flees police by descending a building

A video of a Thai transwoman fleeing the cops in a seductive dress and descending down the outside of a Hong Kong building like Spiderman has gone viral.

Numerous passing passersby saw the woman, who was dressed in a beautiful see-through pink dress, step out onto the ledge of a third-floor window to escape the police. She was helped by a friendly man outside a 7-Eleven store to safely make her way down to the pavement.

The woman was wearing an auburn bob and a pink nightgown. She appeared afraid when she was seen and kept turning to face the interior of the apartment. She was crouched on a ledge on the second story at the time. The woman kept looking between the flat and the ground, indicating that she was attempting to decide what to do next. She tried to descend at one point but decided against it.

Later, a different video revealed her to be halfway down the structure. She was grabbing at the condenser of an air conditioner over a 7-Eleven. For her subsequent move down, she was having trouble gaining stability. People gathered around her, obviously concerned that she would trip and fall. It’s a good thing they did because she dropped suddenly, shocking everyone, before she caught herself on the shelf of the condenser.

The woman eventually clambered down using a stop sign, and people on the scene assisted her the rest of the way. In the background, people could be heard making remarks about her stunt. Later, it was revealed that as the woman had hit the ground, police had already come and had taken her into custody.

Later it was determined that the woman was actually a Thai male of 30. They appeared to have overstayed their welcome in the nation and were terrified of removal. As a result, when the authorities carried out a raid on their apartment complex, the foreigner panicked.

Media reported that the incident happened yesterday at building 33 on Carnarvon Road in the busy shopping and nightlife district of Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong.

Police were reportedly looking for pornographic materials at the structure, according to press sources. However, the Thai was sent to a hospital for a checkup after being detained with the subject. According to the police, the woman had no visible wounds. Additionally, their situation was noted as “someone in an unsafe area.”

Watch her descent here:


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