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“Tenant from hell!” M’sian landlord shares why student housing problem will only get worse

Social News"Tenant from hell!" M'sian landlord shares why student housing problem will only...

While many think that being a landlord is an easy task as all they need to do is collect rent, the truth is that there are much more challenges that a landlord will face. For example, tenants who delay paying their rent, or worse, leave your property in devastating state.

Recently, Facebook user Zeeda Aziz took it online to share her nightmare of having to clean up the mess left by the college students to whom she rent her condominium unit in Bangi, Selangor.

Zeeda said that she understand the challenges of university students who had to leave their hometowns to study in the city. Thus, she only charged them with a low security deposit and rent.

She added that her unit was fully furnished and she even bought them brand new mattresses.


Unfortunately, when the college students return the keys to Zeeda at the end of the first semester, her house was already in a devastating state. Among the horrors include dirty floors, yellow-green moss overgrown in the bathroom, and broken kitchen cabinet doors.

Zeeda said it took her and her husband a week just to clean up the mess. While cleaning the house, she found cigarette packs, condoms, and rotten underwear used for meth smoking in the house, all scattered on the living room floor.

“I treat this group of tenants as my own children and it is disappointing that they are behaving irresponsibly,” she said.

To make things worse, these student tenants had not settled the electricity bills that amount to RM1,500.

After having to deal with this nightmare, Zeeda decided that her future tenants had to sign a rental agreement that comes with a clause that says the house must be returned in perfect condition. She would also collect a considerable sum as a deposit.

Unfortunately, Zeeda had to face the same nightmare 3 months later after her second tenant left.

Her house once again turned into a haunted house with unattended garbage, dirty sinks and disgusting bathrooms.

Even more so, the college students had forced her to return the deposit by claiming that they came from poor families and needed the money.

“I asked them, what happened to your promises? Don’t use poor people as an excuse to be irresponsible tenants,” Zeeda said.

She said she ended up spending thousands on repairing her house and there is nothing left from the deposit to be returned to the group of college students.

Parenting matters

Zeeda said parents have a responsibility to educate their children not to damage other people’s property and respect people’s property even if they pay rent.

She then noted that the rising cases of university students who cannot rent a place to stay are not the property owner’s fault.

“I’m just sharing my experience and I don’t want to take any chances. As for the students who are still looking for rental houses, I can only say ‘good luck to you’. It’s all because of your seniors who left us traumatized,” she said.

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