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Teenage girl lodges police report after mother sells her as prostitute to repay debt with loan sharks

Social NewsTeenage girl lodges police report after mother sells her as prostitute to...

There’s a saying that goes, “parents know what’s best for their child”. However, parents can sometimes be wrong and what this happens, it is usually the children who suffer the consequences.

Recently, a teenage girl from Johor lodged a police report against her mother for trying to sell her off to pay off their debt. The girl also claimed that her mother encouraged her to engage in a relationship with an older man so he would continue financing their lives.

She said she continues to receive harassment from her mother despite escaping her home, which led to her making the report.

Source: China Press

According to China Press, the 17-year-old girl had been living with her mother in Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru, and life was tough for them as they were stuck in poverty. Furthermore, the mother had borrowed money from loan sharks, which make the situation worse.

Being out of options, the mother tried to sell her daughter’s body to earn some cash.

She shared that she was on good terms with another tenant, who was in his 60s, and he often referred to her as his goddaughter. However, their relationship changed when her mother continuously borrowed money from him.

Source: China Press

She said at the beginning of this year, she slept with her “godfather”, and he would then pay her RM100 each time. She would then pass the money to her mother.

However, the incident did not stop there and her mother asked her to sleep with another male tenant for cash. “The man was afraid of attracting trouble, so he moved out of the rental house,” she said.

After enduring this for 2 months, the teenage girl finally managed to leave the house and fled to a nearby children’s shelter. She has been living there since March this year.

It was reported that her social worker is aware of her case and has been helping her to live a normal life. Unfortunately, her mother continues to harass her and even spread slander about the shelter and social workers.

Unable to bear the harassment, the teenage girl decided to make a police report in hopes of stopping it.

Meanwhile, she also made it clear that she does not want to return to her mother and wanted to start a new life.

We hope the girl will get back on her feet and live a better life after this incident.

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