M’sian Lamborghini owner lets boy sit in car for more photos instead of posing beside it

There may be an unfavourable stereotype regarding luxury car owners that they are haughty and self-centered.

This Malaysian owner of a Lamborghini, however, demonstrated that this isn’t always the case when he observed a little youngster posing for photos next to his vehicle.

On TikTok, a video of the youngster being photographed by his father in the sports car was posted.

The young child in blue poses jokingly alongside the yellow sports car in the first half of the brief 35-second movie.

A little distance away, his father is standing and holding his phone in one hand while taking numerous shots of his son’s broad smile all the while piggybacking his daughter.

A short while later, the driver of the Lamborghini approaches the father and waits for him to finish taking pictures.

The youngster is then ostensibly offered the chance to ride inside the car if he so chooses. The father motions his son toward the automobile while observing him. Even giving the youngster the car keys so he may open it gives him the entire experience.

The father begins taking additional shots once the youngster settles down to the posh trip.

The father walks back, thanks the Lamborghini owner, and fills his camera roll even more than before as they shake hands.

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