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Buses not arriving on schedule? Here’s why commuters need to wait for hours to get on a bus in Klang Valley

Social NewsBuses not arriving on schedule? Here's why commuters need to wait for...

Malaysia’s public transport system is plagued with several issues, from the lack of coverage to accessibility. Nonetheless, one of the major issues that commuters face is the lack of proper timing and scheduling.

Recently, a TikTok user took it online to share a reason why buses in the city had never been on schedule. According to the user, RapidKL bus drivers are slacking off and refusing to pick up commuters so they could spend time doing nothing.

The user explained that the bus drivers of a certain route would often move together in a group of 3 or 4 so they can finish their required trips quicker. Under this arrangement, only the first bus would have to deal with commuters, while those behind it were left empty.


Taktik driver rapid KL 640, 300 dan 600. Pemandu Lepak dulu di pasar seni atau Puchong atau, sri sentosa. 1 bas jalan dulu.  Ia akan penuh. Mestilah sebab ramai tunggu di bus stop. Lepas dia jalan, belakang dia 3 bas kosong jalan. Kalau ada pun penumpang mungkin 5 orang. Belakang bas penuh tu, Relek je 3 drebar bawa bas kosong. Mereka Takkan over take bas penuh tu. Penumpang Kalau terlepas 4 bas tu kena tunggu 40.minit. Waktu malam pula sejam kena tunggu. kenapa malam takda bas? Mereka tahu 9:30 pagi dan 3:00 petang takda orang naik bas jadi mereka bergerak masa tu untuk habis kan trip ! Bawa bas kosong, Habiskan 4 trip, janji hujung bulan gaji masyuk. Kalau tak percaya cuba APAD dan MOT naik bas sebagai penumpang. Boleh tengok 3 atau 4 bas datang serentak. #apad #mot #rapidklfail

♬ original sound – CrystalNetmedia – CrystalNetmedia

“If you missed those buses, you’d have to wait for hours. Also, there would be no buses at night because they did all of their trips during the day time,” the user said.

In another video, the user shared how the bus driver would normally hang out around the Pasar Seni or Puchong stop. The video showed how the first bus will set on its journey, while the 3 empty busses would follow behind it and that they wouldn’t overtake the bus that is full.

“They know that around 9.30 am and 3 pm no one would ride the bus, so they’d move at that time just to do their trips. Driving around an empty bus. Finish up their 4 trips and they’d still get paid as usual at the end of the month,” the user said.


yang ni pula 4 bas serentak. ke arah Puchong. kenapa tak guna GPS dan jarakkan. bas ?

♬ original sound – CrystalNetmedia – CrystalNetmedia

Meanwhile, the video has since gone viral online, with many commuters sharing that they have witness the incident happening.

“Those that live near Jalan Klang Lama and Puchong know the attitudes of the bus drivers of route 600. They would come in 2 or 3 buses,” a netizen said.

Another netizen then points out that this incident does not happen only in Klang Valley, but it is the same in Kuantan.

Meanwhile, the user said RapidKL should know about this situation as GPS was installed in all buses and it is traceable online. Unfortunately, no action was taken against these bus drivers who are abusing the system.

Ending his post, the user dared those from the ministry of transport or land public transport agency to ride the bus as commuters to personally experience this.

Several netizens have also tagged RapidKL’s official accounts in the comment section, but the transport company has yet to respond to these accusations.

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