Friday, January 27, 2023

JAKIM launches anti-slander and anti-fake news campaign, M’sians points out the politicians’ hypocrisy

Social NewsJAKIM launches anti-slander and anti-fake news campaign, M'sians points out the politicians'...

In an effort to combat the spreading of fake news, the minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Datuk Idris Ahmad has announced that the Religious Affairs Department (JAKIM) will start a “Stop fitnah (slander) on social media” campaign.

In a Facebook post, the minister said that the initiative is to ensure that the society gets the right information or news that is authentic and true.

He then pointed out that he noted there is much fake news that is circulating on social media, targeted to hatred and anger among the community.

Source: Facebook

“Slander has been happening ever since human history but it has now become prevalent on social media. We are worried that this will corrupt the minds of the younger generation.”

“Thus, we need to break the vicious cycle here so that the younger generation can be saved,” he said.

Meanwhile, JAKIM said it would be introducing the teachings from the Quran and hadith (actions and sayings of Prophet Muhammad) to raise awareness about the dangers of spreading slander.

Source: Facebook

The department then called on the public to support the campaign by using the hashtag #hentikanfitnahdimediasosial on their online postings and to use the campaign logo as their WhatsApp profile picture.

However, the initiative has draw criticisms from Malaysians who questioned why the Ministry of Religious Affairs is so concerned with fake news where this issue is supposed to be managed by other more suitable government ministries and departments.

Apart from that, some netizens also slammed the party for hypocrisy and pointed out that several members of the party were known to make outrageous comments and statements.

“Ironic as those who spread slanders are usually from your party sir,” a netizen said.

“Minister from a party that spreads slanders launched an anti-slander campaign. Hilarious,” another netizen said.

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