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Mat salleh burger expert goes viral for teaching others how to make Ramly Burger

Source: YouTube

While McDonald’s burger is popular in Malaysia, there’s actually one burger that all Malaysians would agree that it’s the best. Yes, that’s right, it’s Ramly Burger!

Recently, a 7-minute YouTube video by American TV Personality George Motz has went viral on TikTok with netizens praising him for promoting the Malaysian delight.

George Motz is an Emmy award-winning videographer who has been recognised for his dedication to documenting the history of hamburgers. For decades, he has been feeding us mouth-watering burger recipes from all over the world.

In this video, Motz teaches his audiences how to prepare the ‘Spicy Malaysian Egg Burger’, which he also called the Sloppy Burger, and the ‘Sampah’ Burger.


Nak tahu sedap tak sedap burger “sampah” tu, tengok sampai habis… #fypシ

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“The ‘Sampah’ Burger, which is Malaysian for ‘rubbish’, is not rubbish at all. It’s a total flavour bomb. Wrapped in an egg and covered with spices, it’s one of the craziest burgers I’ve ever tried,” Motz said.

He then spoked about the history of the Ramly Burger, where it was born on the streets of Malaysia in the same year that McDonald’s opened its first location in Kuala Lumpur.

Motz also mentioned that Malaysians probably weren’t impressed by McDonald’s burgers for its simplicity and the Ramly Burger is the perfect example of a localised dish made complex and catered for Malaysians’ distinct tastebuds.

Source: YouTube

“I hope I can cook it right now because I’ve actually failed a few times attempting this. This is not easy,” he added.

While showing how to make a Ramly Burger, Motz started by toasting his burger buns with margarine and emphasizes that it is better than butter to truly get the Malaysian Burger experience.

He then placed the burger patty on the hot, margarine-oiled grill and seasoned it with curry powder, garlic powder, onion powder, and cumin.

“Now, for the egg, they do it like this. They spread it out like a painting almost,” Motz said.

Source: YouTube

Meanwhile, he topped it with a slice of American cheese, mayonnaise, Worcester sauce, and chilli sauce before wrapping and sandwiched them between the toasted buns.

“And there it is, the Malaysian Burger, also known as the Sampah Burger,” said Motz.

In the comment section, netizens lauded for the mat salleh for bringing the Malaysian Burger to the international stage and said they were feeling hungry after watching this.

Do you agree that the Ramly Burger is the best? Share your thoughts!

Source: YouTube
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