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Local woman allegedly orchestrated a robbery to murder her husband for insurance money

NewsLocal woman allegedly orchestrated a robbery to murder her husband for insurance...

Over the long weekends, a horrifying murder case, where a woman is believed to have murdered her husband for insurance money by stabbing him 14 times on his chest, arms and face, had shocked Malaysians to their bones.

According to China Press, the incident occurred in the wee hours of 15 September in Taman Aneka Baru, Klang when the local residents heard a commotion and thought it was a break-in by robbers.

When the residents arrived at the scene, they were told by the wife that she was robbed of her branded bags and RM40,000 in cash. She also claimed that the 2 thieves were later picked up by a third member via a BMW sedan which was parked in front of the house.

Source: China Press

After the ‘robbers’ left, the wife supposedly discovered her husband’s dead body by the front door. Her neighbours also heard her crying and shouting, while claiming that her husband is being stabbed to death by the robbers. A police report was then lodged by residents.

During the police investigations, the neighbours revealed that they heard the duo quarrelling that night. When they went to check on the couple, they saw the husband attempting to climb over the wall to safety. However, they did not go out to help at that time as they are worried about their children’s safety.

Meanwhile, the police confirmed that the victim suffered 14 stab wounds to various parts of his body. It is understood that the victim tried escaping by climbing over to his neighbour’s wall but he was too badly injured and later succumb to his injuries.

Source: China Press

However, the truth about the incident later came to light when the police found the CCTV’s memory card. The CCTV footage revealed that the wife had not only witnessed the murder, she had also aided and abetted the crime.

Even more so, the wife was seen confirming her husband’s death before ordering the murderer to remove the CCTV memory card.

The 37-year-old wife was arrested on the spot, and the other assailants on 18 September. The assailants were reportedly to be preparing to replace the rims of their getaway car, which still had bloodstains on it.

Meanwhile, it is believed that the wife has orchestrated the murder to obtain her husband’s insurance money.

The incident has since left many of their neighbours stunned as the couple were a loving pair and would often take a walk together outside the house. It is also learned that they have three children, all under the age of six.

Police are still investigating the case under Section 302 (murder), Section 395 (gang robbery) and Section 367 (kidnapping) of the Penal Code and the victim’s body has been sent for autopsy at the Shah Alam Hospital.

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