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SUKE expressway records its first accident after driver stopped on emergency lane to enjoy the scenery

NewsSUKE expressway records its first accident after driver stopped on emergency lane...

On Sunday (18 September), the newly opened Sg Besi-Ulu Kelang Elevated Expressway (SUKE) recorded its first-ever accident since it was open to the public.

According to the reports, the accident involved a motorcyclist and a car whose driver had stopped on the emergency lane to snap pictures of the scenic surroundings. 

Ampang Jaya district police chief, Mohamad Farouk Eshak said the incident took place at around 2.45 pm and the location is an expected one kilometre down from the Bukit Teratai toll plaza, heading towards Kuala Lumpur.


“The investigation found that the driver had stopped his yellow Perodua Myvi in the emergency lane to enjoy the scenic view along the 16.6km stretch of the first phase of the highway.”

“A motorcyclist, who was riding a Suzuki motorcycle, then crashed into the car from behind, injuring his leg. He was taken to the Ampang Hospital for treatment,” he said in a statement, adding that both vehicles were damaged from the accident.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, Mohamad Farouk said the case is being investigated for obstruction of traffic and causing an accident and those found guilty of the offence can be fined up to RM300.

With this, he also advised the public not to stop their vehicles on the emergency lane without a valid reason as doing so will only endanger other road users. 

Meanwhile, the incident has sparked a huge discussion online, with many netizens condemning the driver for his selfish act.

On the other hand, one netizen even pointed out that the expressway is even more crowded at night. “It’s like at Bukit Tinjau. If they don’t put this to stop, people can even open a nasi lemak stall there,” he said.

Some even called for the PDRM to conduct regular patrols in the area to reduce such nuisance.

For those in the dark, the SUKE highway has been open to public use since 16 September and it will be toll-free for a month. However, please be reminded not to park your vehicles by the road to take pictures as it will not only endanger yourself but also others. 

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