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Mufti Office: Muslims are prohibited from wishing non-Muslims RIP

Social NewsMufti Office: Muslims are prohibited from wishing non-Muslims RIP

Muslims are forbidden to say ‘Rest in Peace’ or RIP in short to wish non-Muslims eternal rest and peace to someone who has died, says the Office of the Mufti of the Federal Territory (PMWP) in a Facebook post.

According to PMWP, the act of praying for forgiveness for non-Muslims is prohibited and clearly stated in the clear text.

However, the office stresses that Islam respects human death very much where it is sunnah for Muslims to offer condolences and good words to non-Muslims.


PMWP explains in Islam, sunnah is the traditions and practices of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that constitute a model for Muslims to follow.

“Praying for peace and tranquillity for non-Muslims who have died is prohibited according to the scriptures,” PMWP said.

“This is because the concept of Islamic faith and prophethood does not accept the forgiveness of people who die in a state of shirk, so there is no need to ask for forgiveness for them.”

Meanwhile, PMWP said that if the prayer is to pray for a person to be blessed with Islamic guidance or the goodness of the world, then it is allowed.

The office added that appropriate and good condolence is allowed to be given to non-Muslims as long as the person is not hostile to the religion of Islam.

In the post, PMWP also reiterated that Islam is a harmonious and flexible religion in worldly affairs towards all groups regardless of religion.

It is believed that PMWP’s comment came after a debate online on the issue of Muslims wishing non-Muslims ‘RIP’ following the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II, the world’s longest-serving monarch.

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