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Mat Kilau debuts on Netflix but gets panned by netizens for poor quality and cringy dialogues

Social NewsMat Kilau debuts on Netflix but gets panned by netizens for poor...

Local blockbuster Mat Kilau has grossed over RM97 million and it has since become the highest-grossing local movie to date. With its success, the epic film was released on Netflix in conjunction with Malaysian Day (16 September).

However, despite the overwhelming positive reactions from moviegoers, the movie has since drawn the ire of many netizens on social media.

According to average Netflix viewers who had seen the film for the first time, many expressed disappointment in its level of quality, despite the director’s intention to tell the story of the Malay freedom fighter who is said to have countered the British colonial forces in Pahang in the 19th century and early part of the 20th.

“I swear, the camera has spoiled the scenes with shaking here and there. I think the other parts can be improved upon. It’s just the camera, you have to improve it kaw kaw (immensely),” a netizen said.

Other criticisms include the boring dialogue that some audiences dubbed “a boring speech”.

“Watched it during break time, and we couldn’t finish it halfway. Watching Fattah Amin as a hero is just super weird. I could sense the awkwardness of him playing that character,” a netizen commented

“The dialogue is basically the characters saying the same thing differently throughout the whole movie,” another netizen commented.

What the director of Mat Kilau has to say?

Despite the criticisms, Mat Kilau’s director Syamsul Yusof accepted the negative feedback from netizens and said he is not offended by the feedback, instead, the ongoing online discussion is what keeps him happy.

“The movie has been talked about since its trailer, and then again during its release. Now that it’s on Netflix, people are still talking about Mat Kilau”, he was quoted as saying by Berita Harian.

“To me, the overwhelming success and the positive feedback of this movie are far more important than the criticisms”, Syamsul added.

Despite the criticism, Mat Kilau is still maintaining its #1 spot on Netflix for a few days straight.

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