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Chinese temple and old folks’ home in Kepong receives eviction notice, residents pleaded govt to retract

NewsChinese temple and old folks' home in Kepong receives eviction notice, residents...

An old folks’ home and a Chinese temple association have urged the government to retract the eviction notice issued to them on a plot of land on Jalan Rimbunan Melor in Kepong.

According to the chairman of Pertubuhan Kebajikan Lao Yin Kah and Yuen Long temple committee chairman Lok Seng, they were served a notice to vacate the plot of land, Lot 63109, on the eve of Malaysia day (15 September).

He also pointed out that the Kepong residents who frequently visited the temple were unhappy with the decision.

Source: Sin Chew

It was reported that the temple only owns a small portion on the 51-acre plot of land on Jalan Rimbunan Melor, while the remaining portion belongs to the federal government.

“They said in the eviction notice that if I don’t vacate within 30 days, I will be fined RM500,000 or face a five-year jail sentence. I don’t have RM500,000 to pay. Just take me to jail,” Lok was quoted as saying by FMT.

Meanwhile, Lok said over 10 individuals, comprising JKPTG officers and police, came to the temple and served the eviction notice on Thursday.

“The big group looked like a threat to me,” he said.

Source: Sin Chew

Lok said the committee had renovated the area surrounding the temple by building Buddhist-related statues and a small park over the past few years, and the place had been an attraction for many politicians and public figures.

Apart from that, there are more than 10 senior citizens aged 70 and above, all of whom had no children, were living in the old folks’ home.

“Where can they go if the home is demolished? Let them live here for the rest of their lives,” he said.

“Please don’t make them live on the streets.”

Meanwhile, Sin Chew reported that plot of land was sold to a developer for the purpose of building a township that includes condominium and shop lots.

Also present at the press conference was Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng, and he pointed out that the temple possesses the title deed on the land it is sitting on but not the piece of land next to it.

Thus, Lim said his office would assist the temple and old folks’ home, including providing legal service, in the event the issue was taken to court.

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