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YouTube launches ad-free video for educational content

Learn and have fun at the same time; without distractions. With an increasing number of Internet users turning to educational content, YouTube has understood the role it can play in this realm. On the platform, explanatory videos are a hit, and for 93% of users, YouTube has even become a source of information.

Hence, YouTube has set for its new project. The video streaming platform is continuing to boost its educational content with the unveiling of several tools for students, educational platforms and content creators.

It’s with this in mind that the streaming platform has announced the launch of its new player for companies specializing in educational content. Called YouTube Player for Education, the tool allows users to watch videos without ads, external links and recommendations, “without distractions.”

“Everyday, teachers and students across the globe are using YouTube to learn, and YouTube Player for Education will help further learning in educational settings by allowing students to engage with new subjects distraction-free,” said Quim Sabrià, CEO and co-founder, EDpuzzle, Inc.

For now, YouTube has partnered only with companies in the United States, with Google Classroom, EDpuzzle, Purdue University and Purdue Global platforms.

Online courses

If YouTube wants to enter the education market, the platform isn’t forgetting about its content creators. From now on, “qualified creators” will be able to give courses for free, or for a fee, to users. The paid version will not have ads and will be able to play videos in the background. This new feature will be launched in 2023 in the United States and South Korea.

To encourage engagement, YouTube also unveiled “Quizzes.” As the name suggests, the new tool will allow creators to create online quizzes to test the knowledge gained by subscribers who have taken their course. This option will be launched in beta test in the coming months and will be open to all creators with access to the “Community” tab.

YouTube already got into the educational sphere in 2021 with multicultural project ‘Planet Classroom Network’. 

YouTube has introduced other initiatives and features in recent years around learning on the platform, like a $20 million fund for creators making education videos and recommendation-free playlists for topics like math, science, and music.


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